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Peaceful Hooligan Park 4 in 1 Jacket, Navy/Orange


We're afraid the Peaceful Hooligan Park 4 in 1 Jacket, Navy/Orange is no longer in stock. We have more Peaceful Hooligan jackets/coats or you can view our range of jackets/coats. Due to the way the labels work most items can not be restocked and this item has been moved to the Peaceful Hooligan archive page, however you can always enquire with us. See our contact details below.

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Why have one coat when the, quite amazing , Peaceful Hooligan Park jacket offers you an incredible "4 in 1".

The combo features the Peaceful Hooligan Shell Jacket which fits snugly on top of the Peaceful Hooligan Insulator creating a versatile coat for any occasion this winter.

The Shell jacket is a water resistant mid-length jacket. It's made out of navy taslon material. There's a peaked hood, leather Peaceful Hooligan badge and pockets aplenty. It's been designed to see you through and protect you during the winter months.

The pockets are fleeced and there's drawstrings to allow you to get the desired look.

The Insulator is a down jacket designed to keep the heat in. It's light enough not to be weigh you down but it's packed enough to keep you warm. It slots onto the Shell jacket as an optional under layer. But it can also be worn on it's on.

It's got two sides; navy and burnt orange, either can be worn standalone.

Now for the magic. You can combine these two jackets to create one formidable winter coat. The Shell zips into and buttons onto the Insulator to form one hell of a coat.

We've sold a lot on Distant Echo over the years - all of which we'll stand by and are proud of - but it's the Peaceful Hooligan Park Jacket that's astounded us the most.

To recap on the combinations;

Jacket #1: Standalone Shell

Jacket #2: Standalone navy side Insulator

Jacket #3: Standalone burnt orange side Insulator

Jacket #4: The ultimate winter jacket with the Shell and Insulator combined.

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